Finale (sharkopath) wrote,


In life we make a bunch of choices and Investments. I make Investments in my future all the time. Especially when dating. Sometimes I make bad investments and along with those some very bad choices. Sometimes the investment is good but with a bad or failing payout.
I could go and complain about past stuff.. but seeing as almost EVeryone expects angst from me ..I wont....So fuck off!
In fact when i repost stuff from my past..Ill be leaving out all the relationship bs. Because i fucking can.
what about all of ya'll who do read my Lj? what Investments in life do you make and how do they pan out? Are you happy? Above all things you do in life should be happy with the choices you make and afterwards when they end you should still be happy. If your not then maybe you should see why your not. Because the only person who can make you yourself. D
Tips: When making investments, dont put to much into it unless its a joint investment. If the Investment is minimal then when you have a good payoff its worth it. But if the investment fails, you should be able to walk away from it with little from the pocket. Dont Put your heart and soul into something unless you know that if it goes under you can stillc ome out ok. Risks are one thing but take minimal risks if youcan.

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