Finale (sharkopath) wrote,

Wae-Oh Wae-OH

Missed a Update for yesterday becasue of personal feelings and work ...but lets try to keep this a weekly thing ^^ (means im off on weekends)

So in the news:

Blizzard announced today that BLIZZCon will be in august of this year. Price at the door will be $100 dollars per person. Yes you too can be a geek and play wow at a con about wow -.-

My new Guild On Wow has finally decided on a purpose...TO HELP PEOPLE..Holy Shit isnt that what we've been doing ALREADY??? FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! lol anyways yes we are NOW gonna help new players when we can and help our new players...(a concept) We are not nor ever WILL BE a HARDCORE raiding guild...but we will be a family and a Band of brothers (and sisters) who play and have fun...cause what would you rather have a group of people who are a team or a team which is a family? *shrug*

Looks like im going to japan is sometime between sept 5 and dec 25. We are getting passports ordered this weekend and im going to get trip plans for this trip and AKOn...(yup im announcing my plans to attend Akon..I decided i will learn to para para this year...that and attend demos and a few lesser events heheheheheh FUCK COSPLAY CONTEST BIOTCHES.....thats so ghetto.)
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