Finale (sharkopath) wrote,


So i sit here with tears in my eyes and something brewing that i dont like

i woke up

she was walking to the kitchen and there i saw him, sittign there. He said his name was pablo and he was the person she was seeing. He was sitting there in my house. and he was there to see her. i started bouncing.

she was in the kitchen.

He said she wanted him instead of me and thats why we broke up. i countinued to bounce. He said that she had wanted him for a while.that they talked online. that I was just a mistake.

she ignored me while she was in the kitchen.

i dragged him bck into the bedroom. My hand hit his face over and over and over. i felt so betrayed. I cant stop punching his face. i want him to go away.

she walks through the door and then i realize that she doesnt see me. I cant stop crying cause she doesnt see me. Even while im beating ths guys face in she doesnt care to see me.

then i wake up.



I dont have comfort. I dont have peace. and i dont have distraction

i dont have anything do i?

i can close my eyes and see her face as she just walks on by.

and she doesnt see me anymore.

I want to burn. to drown. to sleep, to anything to make me forget but i cant..anymore...i cant forget and i dont have anyone to really talk to. because im afraid of attaching myself to them.

because i want to be seen to one person who wont see me.
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